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Order Your New Ride

Now you can order your new ride following the easy steps! All current models and colours can be ordered online using the easy to use form below. A holding deposit of $500 is required to secure your new ride on following your online request to order.

Step 1 (Online):
Complete the order form below

Step 2 (Online):
Pay your holding deposit online

Step 3:
Your selected Dealership will contact you to complete the sale

Step 4:
Enjoy your new Segway Vehicle!


As of 11th October 2021 All Segway Quads sold in Australia are fitted with a QUADBAR compliant Operator Protection Device (OPD) included in the sale price by the dealer at point of sale.

Snarler AT6 S

Snarler AT6 S

Ride Away


Holding deposit

Balance Payable to Dealer

Considering Finance?

It’s easy, just call our finance support line on 1300 123 863 and speak with a friendly staff member that can help you through the process online.