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Segway experiences record growth in Q1

Segway experiences record growth in Q1

Segway Powersports is on a remarkable upward trajectory, defying softening market projections with record-breaking sales in Q1 of 2024. The company’s sales surged ahead with a remarkable 309% year-over-year increase in wholesale and a staggering 343% year-over-year rise in retail sales.

Segway Powersports is rapidly onboarding new dealer partners, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing brands within the powersports industry. These achievements are particularly thanks to Segway’s commitment to listening to feedback and delivering precisely what off-road vehicle enthusiasts crave.

Segway has crafted a product range that seamlessly blend style with cutting-edge technology, epitomised by the fully safety compliant Snarler ATV.

Looking ahead, Segway Powersports shows no signs of slowing down. More models are slated to join the line up later this year, reinforcing the company’s ambition to dominate the off-road powersports arena.

Jason Walling, Segway Powersports’ vice president of sales and marketing, expresses immense pride with the Q1 results. He credits the company’s success to its dedicated team and emphasises a commitment to strengthening relationships with dealer partners and delivering unparalleled customer service.

Source: Powersports Business – Read Here