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Super Villain Hybrid

SX20 Hybrid

Super Villain is the pinnacle of hybrid off-road vehicle, seamlessly blending outstanding performance with comfort. Its hybrid system delivers potent power to conquer various terrains. Super Villain, empowers you to surpass limits and embarks on new adventures.

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High Contrast Colour Scheme

Segway's rambunctious SSV that is sure to make a mark.

Selectable Drive Modes

Selectable Drive Modes

On-demand three modes: Normal, Racing and Climbing. Enjoy a smooth and responsive ride with just the right amount of power at your disposal.

Paddle Shifters

Paddle Shifters

Designed for a sporty feel, with ultimate control and driving pleasure.

Dynamic Appearance

Dynamic Appearance

Sleek contours and a sharp front fascia, blending speed with aesthetic

Immersive Cabin Ambience

Immersive Cabin Ambience

High-tech experience with a brand-new steering wheel, paddle shifters, and ambience lights

Durable Chassis

Durable Chassis

Outstanding saftey with a high-strength chassis frame, enhancing torsional and roof compression strength.

Ergonomic Seat

Ergonomic Seat

Designed for comfort and safety with a 6-point safety harness and adjustable seats.

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Extreme Performance Air Shocks

Front Diff Steering & Rear Diff Lock

Turbo Charged 2000cc Engine

Safety Alert System

Smart Moving & Smart Fun

Standard on all Segway Powersports models in Australia, the Telematics BOX (T-BOX) is a connected-vehicle-standard terminal that delivers multiple online applications including vehicle remote monitoring, remote control, safety monitoring and warning via 4G, Bluetooth and CAN communication. You can access real-time data of your vehicle through the Smart Commanding System (SCS). This intelligent interaction with your Segway Powersport vehicle provides industry leading safety and leads you to epic places to ride!


Airlock enables remote access and starting of the vehicle using your smartphone as a Bluetooth or cellular-connected key.


From the App home screen, you can easily access the electric power steering settings allowing you to change the steering resistance.


Meet up with friends and colleagues by creating a team that enables you to communicate your location with your team.


View real-time vehicle data that includes torque, horse-power, remaining mileage fuel levels and total mileage.

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Dynamic Powertrain

Super Villain SX20 has a 2000cc, turbo charged engine delivering a max 330HP and 570N·m of torque.







Smart EPS Burst Out Your Passion

The EPS can be switched on-the-fly to one of three settings. With standard, comfort and sport settings selectable through the app, the ride is customisable for different drivers, terrain and road conditions.




Smart Commanding System

Smart Commanding System elevates your driving experience. Monitor vehicle data, navigate with ease, stream your favourite music, customize EPS settings, and adjust energy recovery intensity – all at your fingertips on the central touchscreen. A comprehensive control hub, enhancing every moment on the road.

Powertrain & Drivetrain

Engine 2.0Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection 170kW
Electric Motor 70kW
Max Torque 570 N.m
Horsepower  330hp
Transmission Automatic
Front Axle Diff-Lock
Drive System 2WD/4WD conversion
Smart Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Three Models: Standard / Comfort / Sport
Cooling System Duel Oil Column Piston Cooling System + Liquid & Oil Heat Exchanger Cooling System

Suspension System

Frame High-strength chromium-molybdenum steel frame
Rear Suspension & Travel Multi-link rear support arm + stabilizer bar,21″(53 cm)travel
Front Suspension & Travel Dual A-Arm with stabilizer bar,20″(51 cm)travel
Shock K-man 3.0 Damper System
Tyres 32×10-R15
Wheels 15” Aluminum W/ Beadlock
Brakes Four-wheel Hydraulic Disc Brake

Dimensions & Capacities

Payload Capacity 740lb(336kg)
Fuel Capacity 11.9 gal (45 L)
Curb Weight 3196 lb(1450 kg)
Wheelbase 104.5″(265 cm)
Ground Clearance 14.6″(37 cm)
Vehicle Size (Length/Width/Height)

140.5″×76″×71.6″(357×193×182 cm)

Genuine Segway Accessories

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV PC Front Windshield

Part Number: S05-R102000-000-00

Villain PC Front Windshield

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Rear Bumper

Part Number: S01-R001200-FB0-00

Villain Rear Bumper (Black)

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Spare Tyre Holder

Part Number: S01-R001400-FB0-00

Villain Spare Tyre Holder (Black)

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Skid Plates (SX10)

Part Number: S01R10100001

Villain Skid Plates (SX10)

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Rock Sliders (Black)

Part Number: S01-R001300-FB0-00

Villain Rock Sliders (Black) 2021/2022

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Front Bumper (Black)

Part Number: S01-R001100-FB0-00

Villain Front Bumper (Black) 2021/2022

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Front Bumper 2023

Part Number: S01-R001100-FB0-00

Villain Front Bumper (Black) 2023

Genuine Segway Accessories

SSV Turn Signal Kit

Part Number: S01-R008000-000-00

Villain Turn Signal Kit (2023 model only)

Genuine Segway Accessories


Part Number: S01-R090400-000-00

SSV Power Distributor – Villain

Genuine Segway Accessories


Part Number: S01-R001600-000-00

Speaker Assembly – Villain (Requires SSV Power Distributor)

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